What is a deposit account agreement What is a deposit account agreement

What is a deposit account agreement

Microsoft's support for your web browser ended on January 12, Existing clients prior to September 30, - please click here to download your Consumer Deposit Account Agreement. This booklet contains link Deposit Account Agreement and certain additional disclosure information. Please read this information carefully and keep it with your other financial records. Consumer Deposit Account Agreement This Agreement covers any type of deposit account as defined below you may have with us now, or in the future, that is used primarily for personal, family or household purposes.

By opening your account, by conducting any transaction involving your account, or by maintaining your account after receipt of this Agreement, you agree to the terms in this Agreement. This Agreement also includes any new or amended provisions and disclosures we may provide concerning your account. All of these documents together are a contract between you and us.

No fiduciary, quasi-fiduciary or other special relationship exists between you and us. Click internal policies or procedures that we may maintain in excess of reasonable commercial what is a deposit account agreement and general banking what is a deposit account agreement are solely for our own benefit and shall not impose a higher standard of care than otherwise would apply in their absence.

Casino sofort ohne einzahlung are no third-party beneficiaries to this Agreement.

If you express a preference for Spanish as your preferred language for communication with us, we may not be able to accommodate this preference at all of our branches or in the case of any particular product and service.

Where we can online roulette bet365 Spanish as your preferred language, communications in Spanish are provided as a courtesy only, and English will be the language controlling and governing your banking relationship with us. The English version of this Agreement, as well as the English http://reckord.info/stake7-online-casino-erfahrungen.php of any online poker real money account documents that may be available in Spanish, shall be the official, governing account documents.

However, as a courtesy, at your request, and for what is a deposit account agreement convenience only, we may, at account opening and thereafter, provide click the following article with unofficial Spanish translations of the official English versions of certain account documents.

The following terms and definitions apply when used in this Agreement. Some terms Роберт tunica casino promotions Все in this Agreement but not defined below have the meaning assigned to them in the Uniform Commercial Code in effect in the state where we maintain your account. Account or Deposit Account. Any type of checking, savings, money market, or NOW account to which funds may be deposited.

Time deposits are excluded from this definition and are not covered by this Agreement. Account Owner or Owner. Each person named in our records as an account owner what is a deposit account agreement respect to an account. An agent designated under a valid power of attorney. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, not to honor any power of attorney.

Each person who has signed a signature card with respect to an account in any capacity, including any trustee, custodian, guardian, what is a deposit account agreement, attorney-in-fact, or other representative acting in that capacity.

The balance of funds in your account that is available for immediate withdrawal. Unlike the posted http://reckord.info/money-rain-slot.php, the available balance reflects any holds placed on your account, including the restrictions described in the Funds Availability Casino no download included what is a deposit account agreement this Agreement.

Your available balance may be more or less than the amount of your posted balance, but does not include any credit available under any Compass Bank Overdraft Protection Line of Credit you may have. Although many of our branch offices are open on Saturdays, for purposes of this Agreement, our business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

An account will be considered dormant if, for one year or more in the case of checking and NOW accounts two years or more for an account maintained in Floridaor for two years or more in the case of savings and money market accounts one year or more click to see more an account maintained in Texas or California: Recurring ACH credits i. A check, substitute check, draft, withdrawal order, payment order, or other similar instrument, order or instruction, whether oral, written or electronic, either for the deposit of funds to your account or for the payment of funds from your account.

The balance of funds in your account based solely on items that have been posted as credits or debits to your account. Unlike the available balance, the posted balance does not reflect any holds placed on your account. Other charges, fees, http://reckord.info/woman-wins-money-on-myvegas-slots.php similar amounts due to us, but not disclosed in this Agreement, may apply under other agreements you may have with us.

You can use it the same way you would use the original check. A deposit account in the name of one or more owners as trustee for one or more beneficiaries where the relationship is established by the form of the deposit account and there are no assets of the trust other than the sums on deposit in the deposit account.

This type of account is a form of What is a deposit account agreement. For purposes of Section 3 only, these terms also include the directors, officers, what is a deposit account agreement employees of Compass Bank and its affiliates. You, Your, and Yours. The account owner or, воскликнул online gambling sites virginia Наверное the account is a multiple-party account, any and all account owners, and all authorized signers.

The type of account you select may determine how property passes what is a deposit account agreement your death. Your Last Will and Testament may not control the disposition of funds depending on the account ownership selection that is made.

A deposit account owned by one party as indicated on our records, also referred to as a single-party account. A deposit account with more than one account owner, also referred to as a what is a deposit account agreement account.

If two or more beneficiaries survive, the sums on deposits belong to them in equal, undivided shares. Individual Account Without P. Individual Account With P. On the death of the owner, ownership of the account passes to the P. Joint Account Without Right of Survivorship. The owners of the account own the account in proportion to their net contributions to the account. The bank may pay any sum in the account to an owner at any time.

Joint Account With Right of Survivorship. On the death of the what is a deposit account agreement surviving owner, the ownership of the account passes to the P. Joint Accounts will be presumed to be with right of survivorship unless we have agreed with you in writing that the account is owned in another capacity. Not all types of Joint Accounts are available in all states. Either you or this web page may ask to settle disputes by arbitration.

Arbitration is a way of working out disputes what is a deposit account agreement going to court. If you or we ask for arbitration, we would all meet with a person called an arbitrator. An arbitrator is like a referee or a judge. The arbitrator will listen to what you and we have to say. The arbitrator will decide who is right. The party who wins the award can take it to any court that could have heard the dispute and get an official judgment.

After any party asks for arbitration of a dispute, neither you nor we can ask a court to hear that dispute. There will be no jury trial of that dispute. You cannot be part of any class action relating to that dispute.

The right to get information from each other and other procedures may be more limited in arbitration than in court. Other rights that you or we would have in a court also may not be available in arbitration. What Disputes Are Covered: You cannot join together in a dispute with anyone other than people who use your Account. Even if other people have disputes similar to a dispute that you or we ask to arbitrate, those people and their disputes cannot be part of any arbitration between you and us.

You cannot arbitrate any dispute on a class action, private attorney general or other representative basis. Only a court, what is a deposit account agreement not an arbitrator, may decide whether this provision prohibiting class disputes can be enforced.

For more information about arbitration, contact the AAA www. If for any reason the AAA or JAMS is unable or unwilling to arbitrate, or you and we cannot agree on an arbitrator, we will use another national or regional arbitration group. The number of arbitrators will depend on the total dollar amount of all disputes by both you and us. Each arbitrator must be an active member in good standing of the bar for any state in the continental United States, and either: If an arbitrator other than the AAA is chosen, the Rules of the AAA will be applied to any circumstance that is not addressed by the Rules of the chosen arbitrator.

If this Agreement and the Rules say something different, we will follow this Agreement and not the Rules. How To Start Arbitration: Either you or we may start an arbitration by giving written notice to the other party. At a minimum, this notice must describe the subject of the dispute and the result requested in arbitration by the party giving the notice.

If you ask us to arbitrate, you can choose the AAA or JAMS, or suggest another national or regional arbitration group click the following article arbitrate the dispute.

If we ask you to arbitrate, we will give you 10 days to choose the AAA or JAMS, or to suggest another national or regional arbitration group. In either case, if you suggest read article alternative to the What is a deposit account agreement and JAMS, we will work with you to determine if you and we can agree what is a deposit account agreement a different group or arbitrator.

If you and we are unable to agree, the arbitration will be conducted by the AAA or, if the AAA what is a deposit account agreement not available, by a similar arbitration group. The party asking for arbitration must file a notice with the arbitration group following the Rules in effect at that time. When a Party May Ask for Arbitration: You or we may ask for arbitration before or after a lawsuit has been filed. You or we must ask for arbitration within the statute of limitations that would apply to the same dispute in court.

If it is too late to resolve the dispute in court, it is also too late to resolve it in arbitration. Who Pays for Arbitration: There will be costs for arbitration. Contact the AAA or other arbitration group to find out what the arbitration charges will be. You may have to pay some of the arbitration charges unless this Agreement, an applicable law or the Rules say we must pay.

At the end of the arbitration, the arbitrator s will decide who has to pay for any arbitration charges that are greater than those we agreed to pay. The arbitrator s also may order us to pay some or all of your attorneys, expert and witness fees.

Unless ordered otherwise by the arbitrator seach of us must pay for its own attorneys, expert and witness fees, no matter who wins. Where Will Arbitration Take Place:

What is a deposit account agreement Consumer Deposit Account Agreement | BBVA Compass

The Bank may microfilm or electronically record any document and subject to any law affecting the relevant Account may destroy the original of such documents. Any communication will only be effective when actually received.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, but subject to the prior written consent of the Read article, each employee, officer and director of the Bank and each of the affiliates and subsidiaries of JPMorgan Chase Bank may enforce the terms стационарные online casino games cyprus О'кей clause The Bank and the Customer may at any time, by agreement, rescind these Account Terms.

Unless otherwise specified the Customer will establish the Accounts as principal. What is a deposit account agreement Customer shall not transfer any of its eurogrand casino ipad and interests in the Accounts nor create any form of security interest over such rights and interests without the prior click at this page consent of the Bank.

The Customer represents and warrants that it has power and what is a deposit account agreement to open and operate the Accounts, that the Account Terms and the relevant Account Applications constitute valid and binding obligations casino states online casino the Customer and that the Customer has taken all necessary actions to duly authorise the execution and delivery of the same.

The Bank may treat any Signatory as duly authorised to issue Instructions as defined below until the Bank receives written notice from the Customer, after which the Bank shall act promptly, that the Signatory no longer has the authority to issue Instructions.

Each Signatory, subject to any written limitation received by the Bank from the Customer, is authorised on behalf of the Customer to: The Customer is responsible for keeping and completing cheques and other forms and documents and read article issuing Instructions in a manner so as to prevent unauthorised completion, alterations or additions. The Customer shall not issue cheques which are post dated and shall immediately notify the Bank if it becomes aware that any of its cheques whether completed or blank are lost or stolen.

If the Bank and the Customer at any time agree on a security procedure to be used In relation to any category of communications including encryptionthe Customer shall safeguard any test keys, passwords, identification codes or other security or authentication devices, make them available only to properly authorised persons and be fully responsible for any use of such security procedure whether authorised or unauthorised. Nothing in this Clause 4 obligates the Bank to confirm Instructions which appear to the Bank acting in good faith to have been given by the Customer.

The Bank is authorised and agrees to accept, honour and execute without inquiry each Instruction which the Bank believes in good faith to have been given by a Signatory and any other Instruction communicated by other means which the Bank receives in strict accordance with any agreed security procedure.

Provided the Bank believes in good faith that an Instruction has been given by a Signatory, where such an Instruction has been effected by means of a facsimile signature, personal seal or chop, the Bank is authorised to act on such Instruction, regardless of by whom the facsimile signature, personal seal or chop was actually affixed. The Source does not have to inquire into the circumstances of any transaction.

The Bank may at its option use any means to confirm or clarify Instructions, even if any agreed security procedure appears to have been followed: The Bank has established cut-off times for some categories of communications, details of which are attached hereto as Addendum A.

If an Instruction is received by the Bank after its cut-off times, the Bank may process the Instruction on the next day on which it is open for such business. The What is a deposit account agreement may process any Instruction through any of the payments systems identified in Addendum A.

The Bank may complete or correct incomplete or inaccurate intermediary or beneficiary bank details. The Bank may, at what is a deposit account agreement option, honour any Instruction even if as a result an Account becomes overdrawn or an existing overdraft is increased.

The Bank may also, in its absolute discretion, select which Instructions if any shall and shall not be affected. If the Customer is permitted to overdraw an Account, the overdraft shall be on such terms as are agreed between the Customer and the Bank. However, in the absence of such agreement, the Bank shall be entitled what is a deposit account agreement debit the overdrawn Account with interest, fees and other expenses at such rates as best casino on east coast considers appropriate.

The Customer will repay borrowed monies and pay such interest, fees and other expenses on demand. Where execution of an Instruction requires the Bank to purchase or sell a currency other than the currency of the Account on which the Instruction is given, the Bank is authorised to purchase or sell the currency at its rate at the relevant time for the purchase or sale of such currency having regard to the size and tenor of the transaction.

If the Customer chooses to confirm any Instruction, any confirmation must be clearly marked as such and, if there is any discrepancy between an Instruction and any confirmation, the terms of the Instruction shall prevail. The Customer undertakes that it will click the following article good title to all items presented to the Bank for deposit or for any other purpose.

Money deposited or paid into an Account will not be regarded as available until collected and irrevocably received in cleared funds. The Customer requests that the Bank accept without inquiry all cheques and other instruments presented for deposit into the Account what is a deposit account agreement checking whether they are valid, properly endorsed or owned by the Customer.

As collecting bank, the What is a deposit account agreement as agent for the Customer will deal with and present the cheques and instruments in accordance with the custom and practice of the country in which the cheques are collected. If the Account becomes overdrawn or further overdrawn as a result of such debit the Customer will pay on demand the overdrawn amount and interest on the overdrawn amount.

Bank reserves the right not to accept, and to return without interest to the remitter of funds, the amounts received for deposit what is a deposit account agreement the Interest Account on any Bank business day, if the aggregate deposit liability of the Bank to the Trust following the deposit of such amounts would exceed the Euro equivalent of U.

Each day that orders are placed with and accepted by the Trust for the purchase or redemption of shares in the Trust, the Trust shall notify the Bank of the anticipated amounts in Euros that will be deposited to, or withdrawn from, the Interest Account on the settlement date for those orders.

No interest will be earning on balances in the Non-Interest Account. The Bank agrees that learn more here will endeavour at all times to pay a competitive market interest rate on all Euro balances in the Interest Account. The Bank reserves the right to change the basis of the calculation of the interest rate выросли, free slots with bonus rounds no downloads Что the event that there are significant changes in conditions such as: The Bank will issue, on a daily basis, balance and transactions reports for the Accounts for the previous banking day.

Bank will also send a periodic statement of account for the Accounts as agreed with the Customer. The Customer will ensure that the statements, what is a deposit account agreement and advices it receives from the Bank are examined by a responsible person on behalf of the Customer within a reasonable time of receipt and, thereupon, Customer shall promptly notify the Bank of any mistake http://reckord.info/can-you-win-money-on-slots.php discrepancy of which the Customer becomes aware from such statements, confirmations and advices.

These Account Terms and the Account Applications replace any existing agreements relating to the subject matter hereof or thereof, with effect from the date the Bank receives the relevant Account Application or analogous document in form and substance satisfactory to the Bank.

These Account Terms are in addition to any future agreement between the Bank and the Customer including without limitation any agreement relating to the provision of electronic banking services, specific payment or cheque services or custody services and if there is an inconsistency between these Account Terms and any such other agreement, any such other agreement will prevail for the purposes of the particular account or service which is the subject of such other agreement.

Http://reckord.info/easiest-casino-game-to-make-money.php there is an inconsistency between these Account Terms and any terms of the relevant Account Application sthe terms of the Account Application s shall prevail for the purposes of the Account s which are subject to such Account Application s.

Unless otherwise expressly provided, all Instructions shall continue in full force and effect until learn more here or superseded. Instructions may be reversed, amended, cancelled or revoked by the Customer only with the consent of the Bank. That consent shall not be withheld unless the Bank reasonably determines that it would not be possible to give effect to any reversal, amendment or revocation, or the Bank has entered into other transactions or otherwise materially changed its position as a result of receiving such Instructions.

The Customer may stop payment of a cheque at any time provided the Bank branch on which the cheque is drawn receives an Instruction to that effect from the Customer prior to the Bank honouring or arranging to honour the cheque concerned. If the Bank erroneously posts or fails to post an entry to the Account the Bank may reverse or make a correcting entry and the provisions of clause 6. Attached hereto and marked Fee Schedule.

All payments to be made to the Bank shall be in full, without set-off or counterclaim and free of any deductions or withholdings on account of any tax or otherwise The Bank will forward to the Customer a statement in respect of each Account detailing all interest if applicable and fees charged to that Account.

The Customer agrees to pay or reimburse the Bank for any taxes, levies, Imposts, deductions, charges, stamp, transaction and other duties and withholdings together with any related interest, penalties, fines, and expenses in connection with them in connection what is a deposit account agreement the Accounts including payments or receipts to an Accounts except if imposed on the overall net income of the Bank.

In the event that there is an overdraft in the Non-Interest Account due to payment blackberry casino games interest on redemptions of shares in the Trust, any monies paid into the Non-interest Account will first be used to credit such overdraft.

The Customer shall fully indemnify the Bank and its employees, officers and directors and each of the affiliates and subsidiaries of JPMorgan Chase Bank, N. This indemnity is in addition to and not in substitution for any other indemnity or right in favour of the Bank given by law or otherwise and shall not be affected or discharged by any thing.

The Bank of New York enters into this Agreement continue reading in its capacity as trustee and in no other capacity, and in no circumstances shall The Bank of New York have any liability under or in connection with this Agreement other than as trustee link the Trust. Any liability of the Trustee arising under or in connection with this Agreement is limited to, and can be enforced against the Trustee only to the extent to which such liability can be satisfied out of, the assets of the Trust which are available under the terms of the trust agreement governing the Trust to meet such liability at the time the amount in respect of such liability is claimed against the Trustee.

These Account Terms, the relevant Account Application and the rights and obligations of the Customer and the Bank in respect of the Accounts shall be governed by, performed and construed in accordance with the what is a deposit account agreement of England.

If any of these Account Terms is unenforceable or illegal in any jurisdiction, that will not affect the rest of the Account Terms in that jurisdiction, or any of the Account Terms in any other jurisdiction. Euro layout wheel roulette clause does not prevent the Bank or Customer from taking proceedings in the United States. The Bank may what is a deposit account agreement see more conversations in connection with an Instruction.

The recording or transcript may be used in resolving any dispute between the Bank and the Customer. Recordings and any transcript shall be the property of the Bank.

The Bank reserves the right to modify or terminate its arrangements with its agents at any time. The Customer what is a deposit account agreement that Instructions and Information concerning the Accounts, the Customer and transactions to be disclosed in accordance with this clause 16 may be transmitted across national boundaries and through networks Including those owned and operated by third parties.

Any amount standing to the credit of the What is a deposit account agreement with the Bank is payable exclusively at what is a deposit account agreement branch at which the Account is held: Any communication, other than an Instruction, shall what is a deposit account agreement in writing unless otherwise agreed and may be sent by personal delivery, facsimile, telex, SWIFT or post addressed, in the case of communications from the Customer to the Bank to the branch of the Bank where the Account is maintained and in the case of communications from the Bank to the Customer, what is a deposit account agreement the address notified by the Customer to the Bank from time to time.

In the absence of such Instructions the Bank may transfer the balance to an unclaimed moneys account. If these terms are translated into, or appear in a language other than English, the English language version shall govern and control.

Headings are for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of this document. The Customer acknowledges that online casino big deposit bonus held in a branch of the Bank what is a deposit account agreement outside of the U.

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