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The TV commercials and radio spots are blasting into households all over New Jersey and neighboring states. Banner ads are plastered on news websites. Billboards line major highways. Players card club rewards crews are in shopping malls and ferry terminals proclaiming the news:. The marketing blitz — orchestrated by the Atlantic City casinos and several online gaming companies — is a sign of how big a deal internet betting is for the state.

It represents the most significant expansion of gambling since the first casino opened in Not only have casinos and their partners bought spots on cable TV in New Jersey — the only place where Atlantic City can offer its online betting products — but some have Насколько ladbrokes deposit promo Интересный media buys on broadcast channels in Philadelphia and New York, where airtime does not come cheap.

And more ads are caesars online casino commercial the way: Caesars Entertainment, which has several online gambling websites through two of its four Atlantic City casinos, plans to launch caesars online casino commercial campaign in January. A new TV spot from the company Betfair, which is running an internet betting website in partnership with Trump Plaza casino, tries to explain how online gaming works. Experts and industry executives say such a message is hard to get across in a single advertisement — caesars online casino commercial takes repetition and the use of many different media channels.

Just Friday, word came down that the Atlantic Club casino has been sold to two competitors during a bankruptcy auction and will close its doors on Jan. Nearly three years into his five-year plan to revive Atlantic City, Gov. Several analysts, however, expect much less.

For the internet betting companies that have joined the casinos, New Caesars online casino commercial is seen as the start of something much bigger. Many expect more states will legalize online gambling in coming years — and that being a part of the market here will ensure a future elsewhere. But all that marketing for the newest form of gambling does raise ethical caesars online casino commercial, experts say. There are an estimatedcompulsive gamblers in New Jersey, many in recovery, and they are being bombarded by advertisements to virtual casinos that can be accessed from just about anywhere.

The casinos say there are many safeguards to help problem gamblers prevent themselves from playing on the sites and find help. So, on one hand you have free choice and people can ignore and choose not to gamble.

On the other hand, we know advertising works and people tend to give in. The Betfair online gaming company unveils a new television commercial caesars online casino commercial Hoboken on Friday.

Caesars online casino commercial

I am going to join a long list of people I consider thought leaders in our industry in a lament of how many people continue to see testing as a simple job, not a career, not a craft, not really requiring any skill at all. But, like Lalitkumar Bhamare I felt I needed to talk about this, because ….

I recently interviewed a candidate that had had two co-op experiences as a QA, he had been given requirements and design specs and asked to think of tests purely black box for these.

He believed he was doing well and that the team was working efficiently when he could think of one or two cases in addition to the one obvious one to confirm the requirement was met. It was obvious he did not think this was hard, required any skill, or was a career that he wanted, but he felt trapped and compelled to apply for a QA role as that was what he had experience in. He really wanted to be a developer. I explained he could be in a very different environment where instead of being part of a waterfall like cycle like this.

That instead, he could learn more here his skill, yes I did say the word skillto help the customer proxy and the developer understand what he was thinking of testing before the coding started. That this might actually prevent the developer from missing the requirement to caesars online casino commercial the other use case the tester had thought of.

To his credit he was thinking about it and it clearly confused him but he was not able to take this any further. I did also suggest that there was no reason for him not to apply for software development roles. In other words deliver real value and not caesars online casino commercial fill a role, warm a seat, expend some effort, caesars online casino commercial. This was his understanding and belief of what testing was.

Not entirely sure what his experience was or where he got that, but I tried to disabuse him of that incorrect understanding of the role, but once again felt caesars online casino commercial working against an entrenched idea.

So, I call out to the learning establishments to do a better job of preparing these young minds for the real work of professional software engineering. That good software developers do a lot of thinking and a lot of testing as part of everything they do, and that doing this well takes a lot of skill, experience and learning. And that good software engineering teams and leaders recognize the need for people on their caesars online casino commercial that think differently and are skilled in the art of helping the team expose issues as early and as quickly as possible, to help them deliver the right solution first time more of the time.

Without the need for caesars online casino commercial, missed deadlines, long hours, late nights, re-design, context switching to fix bugs found in code developed weeks ago, etc.

That this, software testingis a career, a valuable role, and an essential part of any high performance team. That it also takes a lot of skill, experience and learning to do it well. They are both wasting and losing a lot of money, as they have to pay caesars online casino commercial cost of finding defects late in their cycle.

They also need large customer support teams, and in some cases teams of developers focused on maintaining, fixingtheir colleagues code. These companies are responsible for perpetuating the myth that testing is basic, unskilled and a simple role. They are also often responsible for poor quality products, that will often non international online deadlines, and require expensive maintenance programs or extensive and expensive re-writes every few years.

And finally I call out to all read more people in testing or quality related roles out there to learn to do better, be better and thus change the perceptions of everyone around them to see that testing is a skilled role, it is a craft and thus requires craftsmanship, and that it needs to be part of every team and will improve the quality of everything we do. I have employed and had the pleasure of working with some fantastically skilled testers, both talented exploratory testers, and test automators.

Sometimes a few rare gems that are able to combine great skill in both testing and the development of tools and automation to help check software. I have also had the great pleasure of working with lots of great software engineers caesars online casino commercial just click for source who really understand and seek the value of testing.

Insisting that they have great testers to work with them, that they and their software developer colleagues need to think about and execute testing at all levels and that they encourage all to learn more about and be better at ensuring the quality of caesars online casino commercial we do.

I have been inspired, guided and encouraged in my career by many people, but most of this has come from what I think are some of the thought leaders in this area. Here are some links to articles, books and people that can help you too.

My paraphrase of a quote by John Wooden quote number 5. Do we not see, measure or understand the cost of halting a developer, who is by now working on another story, to get them to switch context and think back to the rushed coding they did on the previous story. To get them to diagnose the root cause of the bug caesars online casino commercial just discovered? Or see, measure or understand the time it takes to diagnose, resolve then rebuild and re-test this change through the caesars online casino commercial pipeline?

With a very real risk that when handed back to the tester that she will find another issue as the fix was rushed and we did not have enough coverage in our pipeline of automated checks to discover the regression that was introduced.

I have seen this pattern throughout my life and have been guilty of it myself. So what do I do about it? Who the customer is and why they care.

These examples will be in the the form of tests that will adequately specify and thus prove we have delivered what was required. We call these the acceptance tests. They are defined before any coding is started. My organisation is currently implementing an API first strategy, whereby we design and implement the API for any piece of functionality before developing any UI or consumer code for that interface.

As with the previous heuristic, I have updated the coverage outlines templates originally described caesars online casino commercial linked in a previous post. Obviously not all of these branches or leaves will be applicable to your REST API and your context, and indeed the words I use here may mean different things caesars online casino commercial each of you, but that is sort of the point with a heuristic, it is a guide not a formula, optional not rigid.

I have been inspired by, learned from and generally challenged caesars online casino commercial think more and better by some of the folks that I consider to be thought leaders in testing, namely; James BachMichael Bolton and Jonathan Kohl. These are amongst the best thinkers in the testing profession. They are also some of the best caesars online casino commercial sharing their knowledge, for which I am eternally grateful.

I am in some small part trying to mimic them by sharing some of casino halifax thoughts and experiences here. So this is a little overdue homage to these giants upon whose shoulders I am standing.

When link to come up with ways to european roulette payout caesars online casino commercial QA team think more broadly, differently and holistically about risks and tests for Web UI pages I realised that the mind map that I had developed over time for this purpose was not very easy to remember.

But if you were in a meeting room discussing the user workflow or code design of the latest UI change, or at the desk of the User Experience designer looking over some wire frames in preparation for a 3 amigo BDD discussion, designed to ensure we all had a common, shared understanding of the requirementsor a story kickoff where we wanted to think about design and code risks and tests to mitigate those.

These heuristics were normally memorized in the form of simple mnemonics. Obviously not all of these branches or leaves will be applicable to your page and your context, and indeed the words I use here may mean source things to each of you, but that is sort of the point with a heuristic, it is a guide not a formula, optional not rigid.

Hopefully this will help and possibly inspire some of you to expand your thinking when you need to test a UI page or clarify the requirements around Web UI design etc. Feel free to share back your own variations on caesars online casino commercial heuristic or even your own heuristics. I will share some more that I have been practicing with my team. With reference to the original Agile manifesto I present my thoughts on an extension for agile QA or an agile testing manifesto.

And to follow that, caesars online casino commercial set of principles I try to follow and try to instill into those that work with me. I am sharing this in the hope that some of you can learn from this rather than having to experience this for yourselves first hand.

This was quite simply a couple of situations where the customer found issues I knew were there but had caesars online casino commercial yet raised them with my team. I have always maintained that one of the primary purposes of a tester, in the context of discovering and providing information about the quality of the product, is to be the canary in the coal mine. Caesars online casino commercial other words to be the early warning system, to raise the alarm to avert disaster.

Why is it then that I failed in this regard? Well, there are no excuses, I was wrong and I really should have known better. This was a lesson well learnt! Of course there are plenty of contributing factors that conspired to help me make poor decisions, and I am sure these will be familiar to at least caesars online casino commercial of you.

This in turn would result in me losing credibility as a tester and thus weaken my ability to advocate for defect fixes. So the lesson I learned painfully was to raise a flag early and to talk through my concerns openly. PDF version caesars online casino commercial slides: I have however been testing, and to a lesser extent, automating tests for many years. So I have learnt enough to know that this approach is a great one to try, as I can see how it will help to address many of the issues we experience.

In particular it will clearly help prevent the types of issues that arise from misunderstandings, assumptions and ambiguity in our requirements.

Marc and I wanted to share some of our early experiences and those of other and better folks that precede us in learning BDD, as we feel strongly enough about this approach that we want to encourage and inspire others to learn and adopt BDD practices. We have probably all experienced ambiguous requirements, which means we have probably caesars online casino commercial experienced problems in our products as a result.

I have experienced many of these types of situations, quite caesars online casino commercial where the PM is saying that neither the tester or the developer understood them correctly. In other words that both developer and tester misunderstood or mis-interpreted the requirements, and now both need to go and re-do or refactor slots zealand money real new work to deliver what caesars online casino commercial PM top 10 online casino wanted.

Do the testers know ahead of time what they will test? Did they work that out from either a written requirements document or a requirements discussion at the beginning? Or are the testers working with caesars online casino commercial developers, product managers and in our case interaction designers on a regular daily? In which case do you all speak the same language? Do you have a domain specific language that is understood and used by all? I have been in many requirements discussions, story kickoffs or similar where it really seems like we are talking different languages.

In my current role we have a lot of domain specific terms which are either overused, used to mean more than one thing depending on contextor terms that mean different things to different people. And of course the cost of that will be higher than the cost of doing it the first time round. This is typically the result of some of the ways we have been working and the approaches we take.

We can adopt the test first approach — combine the red-green-refactor merkur casino spiele of TDD with fixed deposit promotion singapore august 2014 to get BDD Defining a test first and then writing the code caesars online casino commercial pass that test provides many benefits.

Another way to describe the test first pattern is the Acceptance Test Driven Development approach. This fantastic diagram is borrowed from add refs and links The fours Ds Follows the TDD red green refactor cycle as shown in the middle, i. Ensure you have representation from caesars online casino commercial of the key roles to discuss the story or item of work. Discussion should then produce examples of the behaviour you want from the product or system.

These examples are effectively how you will test you have developed what was really needed. Use a ubiquitous language and structure to define these — Given — When — Then Facilitates clear communication as well as structure that is easy to read and simple to follow. First develop the automation that asserts the behaviours automate the tests first Then develop the code production code to pass those tests. Demonstrate the working code using the automated tests Review the behaviour specifications with the customer or product manager Add the tests to your CI system keep running the here to ensure fast feedback and a consistent safety net of tests Time to celebrate and perhaps retrospect on the story and capture anything you learnt and ideas for improvement so that you can caesars online casino commercial all to the next story.

Hopefully you will caesars online casino commercial delivered what the customer really wanted and gained some additional benefits. You will hopefully also feel proud of what you have achieved and will be recognised for that — if you are the only team doing this is will show!

This all sounds great, so where do I get hold of this silver bullet or pink glittery unicorn? Well BDD is not one of those, in fact it takes a lot of work to do it well, but it is worth it.

Caesar's Casino Indiana commercial (2003)

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